Monday, July 9, 2012

Don't Give Up!


I had some small accomplishments despite being in intense pain. I was able to get some grocery shopping done. I got in a little bit of exercise today thanks to parking. I was in pain but managed to carry a couple of weeks’ worth of meat uphill an entire block to the car. I shopped in three different stores and despite having to stop several times I think I did fairly well.

I spoiled myself…

With a new cookbook! Somehow this excites me. I am missing baking and cooking so much for my family and I am eager to get back in the kitchen to make breads and cakes and drinks all from scratch. It wasn’t all that long ago that my favorite recipes were in my head and I had never thought I could or would forget. Since it’s been just me I have forgot all those recipes and don’t even own most of the ingredients. This cookbook somehow gives me hope that I will be married soon and that I will be feeding my husband and children. I am excited!!

I still haven’t…

Picked up the Bible or pulled out my Bible studies. I want to but something inside of me is holding me back. I know I must pull them out and start doing them in order to continue where I left off in developing my relationship with the Lord. I think I should probably try and schedule some time each day to spend with God whether it’s through prayer, Bible studies, reading or a mix of it all. God needs to be first in my life in order for everything else to fall into its respective place.

It is so much easier to neglect things, including God when it’s just me. I realize that this is something I have to do so that I can start to do other things that are just for me as well. These small things now will definitely encourage me in the future.

I have…

Signed up for Flylady again. I used to do it when I was younger and it was wonderful to clean and de-clutter and know I wasn’t the only one living in chaos. I hope I benefit from it as much this time around as I did years and years ago. I have been struggling with “where to start” and Flylady takes the guesswork out of that. One can only hope she helps me organize and purge. I am ready to move forward, even if that means going backwards first!

I wrote an review for my friend Crystal’s website on a book I just read. Check out her blog at Little Birdie Reviews!

I will…

Get back to couponing and finding the good deals and being organized with my money as things are costing more and more.

Begin to sort and pack and have faith that everything will be done with as little stress as possible.

Create a plan for the next few months regarding big decisions as well as save up money for my flowers, paint, and overall d├ęcor for the changes I am making in my life.

Attempt to be more positive with things, even when I feel like hell and life seems daunting.

Live in love because it is the only way to truly show respect to not only humanity, but to myself.

Trust that I deserve the things I am saving for and the things I am striving to achieve.

I won’t…

Tell myself I am a failure when it seems as though nothing is done. I will do one thing at a time and accept that I can’t always achieve what I want to. I won’t beat myself up because of unrealistic goals.

Feel rushed to get married and start a family, instead I will have faith that things will happen when they are meant to.

Be reckless with my life, I deserve far more than I have given myself mentally and physically.

Beat myself up for my weight and not being in shape, I will continue to watch what I eat and begin to add in physical activity as I am able.

"Today is your day to begin, don’t give up here don’t you quit. The moment is now this is it. Know that you can then you will get to the top of the hill. Part of the fun is the climb you just gotta make up your mind. That today is your day and nothing can stand in your way. Today is your day everything’s going your way, today" ~Shania Twain

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