Saturday, July 28, 2012

On My Soap Box

I am sick…

Of the judgement, prejudice and racism in the world that gives me a bad name because I am a Christian woman.

Today a Facebook page that I follow posted a thank you to a restaurant that made a stand against homosexuality. I couldn’t help but respond to their post that seemed full of pride and excitement.

God says to love all people. Jesus came here to set this example of loving everyone no matter what or who they are and I believe in unconditional love. I believe the message that Jesus sent.

I am sickened by those who manipulate the Word of God to suit their own needs.

If Christians were to follow all of the biblical rules there are over 613!

Everything from diet, cleansing, sacrifices, tattoo’s, marriage, divorce, adultery, murder, swears, honoring your parents, mixing your food, child rearing, our clothing, head coverings; etc. The list goes on and on and no one and I mean NO ONE can say they are without sin except for Jesus Himself.

So I ask…

Why do you choose which of these rules to follow? God says to follow them all. The church has for the most part tossed out 90% of these rules yet keeps the ones that encourage judgement and hate. Why?

Why do we continue to fight a battle against genetics?

Why are so many willing to kill in God’s name?

And yes, bullying and prejudice kills, it leads to depression, anxiety and suicide.

If you have spoken about a person or a group of people that made someone feel that desperate then yes, you killed them. You killed their hopes and dreams for the future.

You killed their future.

You stole from them happiness and peace.

You judged them even though the Bible tells us “Judge not lest ye be judged”.

 Murder doesn’t always involve a gun or weapon. It is the death of a person’s future because they fear the hate and the judgement they will receive. Many people do commit suicide because they feel so hopeless.

Why do you steal hope when we are told not to steal?


Would you feel if someone walked into your life and told you everything you were doing was completely wrong?

Would you deal with someone walking in and saying your marriage was a sin and that your love wasn’t real?

Would you handle your lover being on his/her death bed and you have no control because your state doesn’t recognize your love?

Would you feel if you were told you could not have children?

Would you feel if you were kicked out of church for being a “sinner”?


Don’t have to accept other people’s lives, but you have to accept your own choices and know that they will be judged by God when your time comes.

Next time you make the choice to spread hate in God’s name ask yourself if that is what God would want you to do.

The last I checked the Bible says to turn the other cheek; it says to love one another. It doesn’t spread the message of hate, it spreads the message of love and if you aren’t spreading love in your actions then you should reconsider those actions and ask yourself what God would have you do!

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