Friday, July 6, 2012


 It is raining out and…

I am trying to change my thought patterns to good instead of bad. I am happy that God is caring for the parched plants in my many pots and throughout the yard.

The apple trees are not just growing apples but some are almost done. I am excited to look for a recipe and hopefully be able to make a pie with the crab apples that have come in abundance with the mix of rain and heat.

The grape vines are also growing and unlike last year the fruit is growing. Maybe I will have enough this year to make homemade grape jelly!

The grass will have to wait yet another day to be mowed but that’s okay. I love the movement of it when the breeze hits. The snakes that enjoy hiding in the depths is reason enough to mow and weed eat, at least around the house.

The wildflowers are in full bloom in my field filling it with a crimson color floating atop the hay.

I finished reading…

Blowfly by Patricia Cornwell this week and I began to read her book Predator. They are both part of the Scarpetta series and I very much enjoy losing myself in these books for hours and days at a time.

I have found a full list of all the books in the series so I can add them to my wishlist.

I have decided…

To start praying again and to start studying the Bible again too. I am nervous about this prospect for some reason. I have grown accustomed to not having “God” to answer to but I feel called back into the Word and I know that my hiatus was a very interesting learning experience for me, but it is time to return to God and devote my life to Him.

I will be digging out my Bible studies and begin to finish them and send them in. In many ways walking away was easier than coming back, maybe because bad decisions offer temptation that appeals to the naughty side in each of us.

I must give my life to God and trust in Him to urge me in the right direction for my life.

I have so much to do…

Being sick and sore has really taken its toll. I have a very messy house to clean and organize and a lot of things to pack.

I have dirt to buy and plants to move and everything feels like its closing in. I would love to take everything that my grandma had touched but obviously that’s not possible. Sentimental value has so much importance regardless of how much stuff we accumulate. It is very hard to move forward at times. I have faith that a purge will only benefit me and my health, spiritually, mentally and physically.

I am thinking…

About starting to make jewelry and homemade cards and selling them online. I love to create and I feel this could be a good venture for me because of my abilities. I have so many ideas like custom order photo books/scrapbooks. Web design , photography and painting. I am sure I can keep busy and possibly make some money from things I already love to do. I question the return on investment. I must source things out before I get ahead of myself.

For now…

I will create a budget, source what I need and see if this is possible.

I will begin to pray and study the Bible again.

I will look forward instead of back.

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