Wednesday, July 11, 2012

These Days


I feel like I have failed in my journey to help the people I care about. I feel like the pain that those who care about me are experiencing is my fault because I am unable to save them from the pains of yesterday or the hurt that may come with tomorrow.

My heart aches because of how far we have come and how quickly things fall apart and old habits that were thought to be gone come back with a vengeance.

I am trying to focus on the good that can only come from my experiences and failures as a friend and family member. I am able to see I can’t fix it all when someone isn’t willing to accept help.

I hand over the pain and sorrows of my past, present and future to God because I know He is the only one who will bring peace to my heart and salvation to my soul. I know that he recognizes my good deeds and my intentions and doesn’t focus on the parts of me that aren’t perfect.

I tell myself I am perfect because I am created by God in His likeness. My downfalls are human but my being is purely divine. I will not settle for my world being full of chaos and ugliness.

I realize deep within my soul that I deserve to be happy and content and now that I have had this epiphany I intend to act on it.


Caused me so much pain because of lies and my trust being broken yet again.

I pondered where I went wrong but I already know that it wasn’t in my control and it never was.

I made choices that impact me today and tomorrow and everyday thereafter in a way so profound that only peace and joy can be seen on the horizon.


I will continue on this journey called life the same as I have today. I will set goals and I will follow through. I will make plans and stay true to my word.

I may find heartbreak and pain along this broken road but just because there are bumps doesn’t mean I won’t reach the destiny I was created to achieve.

Right Now…

I will throw my hands up in the air and hand my life over to God because trying to do everything on my own hasn’t been working and I know that ONLY God can handle all the negative things that bog me down and replace them with learning experiences, wisdom, joy and the unconditional love He has promised.

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