Sunday, July 8, 2012

Opening My Eyes


Like I am falling, yet I know no matter how hard and how fast I feel that way that I am always going to be caught. Caught by those who love me physically, those who love me from the spiritual realm and caught by the hands of God Himself.

I may feel alone but I know deep down I am not.

For the first time in many years I feel hopeful for my future. Hopeful as a mother and as a future wife. I am excited to bring honor to my parents for raising me and excitement in instilling my personal morals and values into the children I have now as well as the children that my future undoubtedly holds.

I feel as though I can`t wait to be married and to start my life as a wife. I am beyond excited to think about cooking in “our” kitchen and baking things from scratch. Filling my hardworking husband, that the Lord has given me, full of delicious healthy food that screams to him how much I love him and our family.

Focusing on…

Devoting my life to God and to my family in His honor and through His teachings.

Furthering my education and continuing to research wholesale products and prices to start my own business so I can stay home with my children while still being an asset to the household not just by cooking and cleaning.

Purging my house and my life of the many items that only cause me clutter and chaos.

Getting back to framing the kids art, pictures and special moments and teaching them how to live each moment in kindness the way our Lord has asked us to be.


That life doesn’t always give us what we want and that each of these moments is an experience to learn from not only for my life but for the lives of people around me, the people I counsel and those whom I love. Each of my experiences educates me on how to empathize with others who are in pain, who are living in fear, and who are edging it and prepared to give up.


The value of life, modesty, waiting for a husband, and being an asset to not only the household but to society to my children and to my peers through examples I am setting through my behaviour as well as through my life experiences.


That no matter what cards I am handed that I can either be positive or negative and that the only way to be happy and calm and to set an example that I can be proud of is to do my best to stay on God’s team and place Him in the headlights when I feel as though the world has become dark and dim.

If I can’t be positive I can do my best to stay neutral and leave the negative where it belongs.

I can stay calm and set an example of patience and kindness and unconditional love to all who enter my path.

The 11th Commandment

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another as I have loved you, that you also love one another” ~John 13:34-35

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