Sunday, February 26, 2012


I am sitting here in a somewhat drunken stupor even though I haven’t had anything to drink. My mind is moving so much faster than my fingers will allow and I am physically and mentally exhausted. I slept off and on most of the day today. 

My last nap resulted in a visit from my deceased grandfather. I never met him but I knew exactly who he was as we stood in the grass by the river where he died. He asked me several times quite angrily why he was not buried where his children are. I had no answer for him since he died over 40 years ago, long before I was even a speck of a speck.

He continued to explain he needed to know. So I had to find out for him, the reason was his parents demanding he be buried where he was born and raised. Makes a little bit of sense to me, but then again he made the decision to leave Saskatchewan and move to North Western Ontario. He has a wife and kids here.

I had always been told he killed himself and I was very shocked to find out from him that he didn’t do it that he “wouldn’t leave the girls, she (my grandma) didn’t even want them”. When I asked him how he ended up dead he told me that my grandma and the neighbour did it. He expressed to me the name of the neighbour and I was somewhat shocked as I hadn’t realized that he had been neighbours with my mom at any point. 

My grandpa then explained they did it for the insurance money which was supposed to go to the girls, which upon looking at his will, was in fact accurate; however, my aunts and mom never got a dime of that money.

The neighbour and my grandma were married within about 5 months of my grandfathers “suicide” adding more to the validity of this claim from the spirit world. I have no doubt he was my grandpa. I knew immediately upon seeing him who he was. The spiritual realm is an interesting one to say the least.

Upon awakening I called my mom as the dream was still fresh and explained everything to her. She wasn’t surprised by any of it and was actually shocked that I had seen her dad. She then continued to tell me about the location of the police, the alibi of her mother and the neighbour, etc. I don’t know if I brought her comfort or pain in my explanation of this dream, but I do know that her dad wanted the girls to all know he never wanted to leave them.

I get confused by dreams like this because most people are dead or gone from that time which makes investigating pretty difficult at best. I am not even sure he wants me to look into it. I think he wanted me to make sure my mom knew that he was “alive” and well and that he didn’t mean to hurt her.

So many details flooded into my brain as he was telling me and showing me what happened that fateful day. Many of which I wish I had never seen or known. The way I look at my grandma now (who is also dead) is different. How can a spirit come in and change how I feel about the woman who helped raised me? Yet, everything he said filled in all the blanks that she wouldn’t answer throughout her life.

The last vivid dream I had was with my grandma. In it she showed me the location of a hidden skeleton key, which upon awakening I promptly found. However, she has yet to tell me what it is for. So now I have this key that seems to not fit any locks. I placed it back in its secret location waiting for when I finally get to use it.

Now, I know many of you are probably thinking my dreams are just that, dreams. These aren’t like that. During the sleep I gain no rest. My mind remembers every detail of what was said or shown to me. I have been shown the past and the future and have never been shown inaccurate information. So, even though this man who my mom called Dad was gone long before I was ever born I have to trust what he said to be the truth, because if I don’t trust a desperate man sending a message to his kids how can I trust when another spirit comes to me and warns me of death etc.

My grandma came to me in a dream in the middle of August 03 and she congratulated me on being pregnant with a baby boy. I had no idea that I was pregnant. We were moving and I was using a lot of cleaning supplies and painting and stuff and then she appears to me in a vivid dream telling me that a baby boy is growing inside of me. I always tracked my cycle and when I was sexually active. I pinpointed the date of conception to be August 5th 2003. I was only about 6 days from conception. I used test after test after test until I finally got a positive a few weeks later. 

Turned out grandma was right about when I conceived, and the sex of the baby because I had my boy.

I cannot doubt these visions because they are all too often real. From wars, to deaths, to murders, I see so many things that I often fear to speak of. Sometimes this ability is more of a curse than it is a blessing. Sometimes it can be fun and even better is when it teaches me something I had no clue about and I have to go on the hunt for information in hopes of finding a conclusion.

Because of my life long struggle with “seeing” things I have been able to conclude that there is not only this physical realm but there are realms that run above us, below us and through us. Active, Knowing, realms that can just as easily enter into ours as we can enter into theirs! Some people call these parallel universes but to me they don’t run in straight lines parallel to one another, they cross over far too many times. They are just separate and only certain people are chosen to experience more than the one in which our physical bodies exist.

It is scary to think that in our soulful life we may experience all of these different places, but part of the fun is the climb and I just hope that as I hop from one place to the next that what I have experienced and learned in each place is something I am able to bring with me. 

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