Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Life After Death

“The realization that after I die I will always exist scares me” –Me

I was talking to a friend the other day and she commented that she was scared that once she dies she will no longer exist; the above quote was my immediate reply. I have no doubt in my mind that there is an afterlife. I think that the way the world is progressing towards the paranormal being normal that the idea of an afterlife is becoming mainstream, even in those who do not believe in a god(ess).        

The TV shows, the ghost hunts, the events, mediums and psychics and empaths are all coming out of the wood-work for the first time in a very long and oppressive history. It’s not like when I was young and there were psychic hotlines that you called a 1-900 number for and paid four dollars an hour, but these are real people, with real gifts, all trying to figure out where they fit in and what exactly they are. The support is amazing if you find the right community.

It is interesting to be on this journey with so many people who don’t think I am crazy but instead are willing to guide and nurture and grow alongside me. I have no doubt in the afterlife because I have borne witness to it. I have seen the dead; I have spoken with them, psychically, physically, and through dreams.

I have been attacked by evil entities. If you click on the side bar where it says “Attacked” you will see what happened to me January 26th while chatting about the paranormal. I know this stuff is real, because I have experienced it all first hand.

Does it mean we all die and are left to roam the planet with no end in sight? No, it means we are no longer attached to our physical being. We are two separate entities as we sit right now, physical and spiritual. When the physical dies our spirit moves on, sometimes it goes to paradise or heaven or whatever your faith may call it. Other times it may decide to stay here in a refusal to go, while even more often (in my experience) you recycle your soul and once again choose life.

Choosing life means you are reincarnated for lack of any other fitting word. It means you are born again into a body. Your soul is back here attached to a body.

I have some very random thoughts on reincarnation and what it really means. However, these are just my thoughts and are likely not shared by many, although they may get some to think.

The first is that our spirit/soul has a choice to come back in the form of a human.

The second, and harder to grasp one is that earth itself is hell. We live our lives and we die.

If we are good we have the option, enter into heaven, stay as a ghost, or go back to earth to spread the word and our knowledge as our soul doesn’t forget the way our minds do.

However, here is the catch, if you have not fulfilled your spiritual mission here on earth you are sent back, sometimes for punishment, sometimes just because you didn’t finish what you needed to.

I do believe though that in the case of free will that you do have a choice, you can either come back repeatedly and try again until you satisfy the gods and earn your pass to the other side, or you can linger as a spirit for as long as necessary, that being eternity, or until you have paid your debt to the most high.

Told you my thoughts on death and the afterlife were a little bit out there. You may need to read it several times to understand fully what I am saying. I am sick after all and I am not overly sure how much sense any of this is making as I read and write.

I may end up coming back to edit, I may not. It depends on my mood. I love to leave things the way I thought them because it seems rawer when it is unedited. It gives a glimpse into my soul and into the depths of my mind.

Since starting this blog/journal I have been called intelligent and deep. I have caused people confusion and I have had others come back to re-read what I wrote. I have also re-read all of my posts and have caught many typos but have not corrected them.

I don’t try to be intelligent or deep. I just write how I am feeling at the moment. In most cases I have no clue what I am going to say when my fingers start to move or where it will end up once I have begun.

Today, instead of whining about anniversaries and fear I am embracing death in its most raw and natural form –the spirit, for death is only an illusion seen by the human eye, the spirit sees the truth and allows death to not be something to fear instead it gives us hope because our spirit will live on in whatever manner we should choose for it. Do a good job here and the afterlife will be great, or so I am told.

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